We could not be more thrilled that you are considering embarking on Humble Haven's 200-hour Teacher Training.  Please fill out the information below and read the terms and conditions of the teacher training closely to submit your application.  The first step on this journey is a commitment to yourself. We hope to see you in June! 

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I certify that I am in good physical, mental, and emotional health to participate in this teacher training. I understand that any missed teacher training sessions or any part thereof, any missed assignments or part thereof, or any failure to satisfactorily complete any assignments as determined by the program lead, will have to be made up to complete teacher training and may require one-on-one training with program lead at an additional charge. I understand that signing up for this teacher training does not guarantee receipt of a certificate of completion and that completion of teacher training requires 100% attendance at all required sessions, completion of all assignments, full tuition payment, and proficiency in training materials and teaching methodologies as assessed by program lead in her sole discretion.