Have you ever met someone so genuinely nice you wish you could bottle up their energy and sprinkle it out into the world so every one could share in the joy that single person possesses? That person is Allison Walton and I am so glad that she is a teacher of yoga.  

Despite both growing up in Richmond and both attending Virginia Tech at the same time, Allison and I's paths never crossed until recently.  After connecting through the magical world of Facebook and realizing that we worked and lived within just a few blocks of each other, we finally got to sit down and get to know one another.  I know that you too will catch her contagious, positive energy after getting to know her. Read more about Allison below and come practice with her at Humble Haven soon! 

What is your favorite style of class to teach and why?

Vinyasa. It’s meditation in movement that encompasses creative freedom and self-expression, allowing us to surrender the ego and release all that does not serve us. 

What made you want to go beyond just practicing yoga and start teaching?

The decision to pursue yoga teacher training took place during a very transitional, but beautiful time in my life. After latching on to the practice while living in NYC and a slight nudge from a dear friend and mentor, I took the leap. As a teacher, you’re always learning, growing, and refining to create your own authentic and unique style that is far more rewarding than words can even begin to describe.

If you had to describe your teaching style in 3 words or less, what would you say?

An emphasis on: music, exploration and breath.

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

I currently have three. Dancer, pigeon and wheel. A combination of hip openers, heart openers and back bends are yoga umami for me. 

What do you like to do around Richmond?

Discovering all of the wonderful hidden gems, because there are now so many of them! Lamplighter, Subrosa Bakery, NaNin, Rosewood Clothing Co, Harvest Grocery + Supply, Ellwood Thompson’s, Saison and Deep Groove are a few local favorites that are near and dear to my heart. Whether it’s sharing a good meal, glass of wine, shopping local for new home goods and pantry staples or flipping through vinyls on a Sunday afternoon, I just adore the incredibly supportive and progressive community that exists here.

What’s your favorite food?

Now that’s a loaded question. Those that know me well understand my obsession with avocados. I’ll find a way to put them in and on nearly everything. I also love a good stack of banana pancakes with the works every now and again. And speaking of Subrosa, their morning buns and pistachio & sour cherry croissants are golden. Really, I could go on and on.

Tea or Coffee?

Herbal coffee and matcha lattes are my morning vices.

 Favorite quote?

Your path is yours alone. It's not to be understood or tamed and needs no reasoning. The path is the service of the heart. Worthy of every adventure of rising, falling, and shining. – Stephanie Birch (@stephynow)

 Why are you excited to teach at Humble Haven Yoga?

Suzanne's vision for Humble Haven Yoga is a dream. It is truly going to be such a magical and sacred space, filled with so much warmth, love and good energy. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey and look forward to sharing my love of the practice with this amazing community. Can't wait to meet and practice with all of you wonderful humans!

 What’s your favorite song to practice to?

I go through phases of favorite songs, so it all depends on my current mood and whether I'm looking to dial it up or down. I enjoy creating playlist upon playlist to align with the change in seasons or to connect with the energy of the practice. Recent appearances include:

 Brownlow, Lapsley

Young, Vallis Alps

Bill Murray, Phantogram

Cigarettes and Chocolate, Chet Faker

Husks and Shells, Volcano Choir (savasana quencher)

When can you practice with Allison? 

Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:30PM - Warm Candlelight Vinyasa 

Sunday 10:00-11:15AM - Warm Vinyasa