The last time I wrote something for Humble Haven Yoga was in June 2013. I repeat. June 2013. Lets be honest, this is probably more startling to me than it is to you. The scariest part is, I had to literally sit back and think what has happened between then and now. Where have I been? What have I accomplished?

I assume if you are still reading this, I've gotten your attention. So here are a few highlights from the past (almost) 2 years.  

1. I got married. My name is no longer Suzanne Lovern, it's now Suzanne Burns.  For those of you who have met my husband, you know that I had to marry him in order to keep my friends.  If we were ever to break up, they would likely have picked him over me. To put it more simply, he's awesome.

2. I went to Africa. Kenya to be exact.  It was part of the whole wedding package.  Africa, more so the people in Kenya, changed my life.  There are a million places that I want to travel to in this world but I am declaring right now that I will return to Samburu. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

3. I learned, A LOT. My 200 hour teaching certification was my gateway drug.  I have wanted nothing more than to learn more, absorb more, experience more ever since completing it.  I like to think that there has been someone or something guiding me along my training path because I have been lucky enough to find remarkable women to learn from. 

4. I quit my job, well, one of them.  This update could also be called "I reprioritized".  I took a step back and realized I have one chance at this lifetime and I'm going to enjoy it.  I'm lucky enough to have found something I'm passionate about while I am still in my twenties (I pinch myself everytime I say this out loud or think about it).  There's only so many times you can ask yourself "why am I not focusing 100% of my energy on what I love most?" before your soul, gut, heart, whatever speaks loudest to you, takes over and calls the shots.    

There are a lot of moments, steps, and happenings, that got me to this place and more to come on all of them as well as any adventures that come my way in the future.  So to all of my loyal Humble Haven followers, near and far supporters, believers, and even doubters, stay tuned for what's next. I'm looking forward to the ride ahead.  In the meantime, enjoy the snapshots below.