My yoga crush didn't turn to love instantly, it took several years to take a once a week practice to a "I'm not going to feel normal until I roll out my mat and sweat my ass off" every day kind of practice.  And, maybe like many of you, it took finding a teacher that I really jived with to want to take my practice to the next level.  During this stage of my yogi life, I assumed all yoga teachers rolled out of bed, rolled out their mat, and naturally looked like this:

But it's just like I tell my new students, all of us took our first yoga class at some point.  If you think that the guy next to you in class that's standing on his head and touching his forehead on his toes has always been able to do that, you would likely be wrong.

For my students that look at me like I have 5 heads when I say "WHEEL POSE", and yes I say it in all caps, I do mean it and I do mean YOU can do it.  For my students who think standing on your head or your hands seems impossible, trust me, I've been there and a lot of times, still am. 

The truth is, our physical yoga practice IS hard.  Most of us are actually born extremely flexible, but we have to work to keep that flexibility throughout our lives, just as we do our strength. It's the willingness to let things be messy and not "perfect" that makes us better yogis.  Embrace the idea of instant forgiveness, let it go (this idea was not original to Princess Elsa) and just be in the moment whether that moment is a totally radical, out of body experience or an unexpected fart you will surely pretend like you didn't hear much less release. Be patient, be accepting, the change will come.