You hopefully have had the chance to practice with Rachel already since the studio has opened, but if not, it's time to get to her class, and fast.  One of the things that I have learned from Rachel is that she's the perfect balance of power and play.  You will find yourself pushing to your physical edge while simultaneously feeling at ease mentally.  This balance is hard to come by, but so natural in Rachel's teaching. Keep reading to learn more about Rachel and what she is like on and off the mat.  

What is your favorite style of class to teach and why?  

I love teaching Power Flow because it is the style of yoga that I originally connected with.  Its messages of empowerment and physical and interpersonal strength can be so impactful for a practitioner. 

What made you want to go beyond just practicing yoga and start teaching?  

Yoga made such a difference in how I am able to live and I want others to experience that.  

If you had to describe your teaching style in 3 words or less, what would you say?  

Keep it simple. 

What’s your favorite yoga pose?  

Savasana – sometimes it’s the hardest!  

What do you like to do around Richmond?  

Take advantage of the river and the craft brewing culture that’s growing quickly! 

What’s your favorite food?  

Anything in the realm of a vegetable. 

Tea or Coffee?  Coffee 

Favorite quote?  

It ain’t the heat. It’s the humility.  –Yogi Berra  

Why are you excited to teach at Humble Haven Yoga?  

I’m so grateful to be a part of the community – the space is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and I can’t wait to help bring more power flow to Richmond.

What’s your favorite song to practice to?  

I prefer to practice without music – it helps me to stay present!

When can you practice with Rachel? 

Tuesday at 6PM and Thursday at 6AM