A collegiate athlete, Mina Vucic tried her hand at yoga to explore a new form of exercise to build strength and flexibility.  The strong physical practice of power yoga also gave Mina insight into a new way of living.  When you take Mina's class you are immediately aware of her extensive knowledge of the physical form. She offers distinctively accurate cues to assist in aligning the body in a safe and effective way.  You will also find yourself laughing throughout the class as Mina exudes an upbeat, light energy that is encouraging and empowering at the same time.  We are so lucky to have Mina join us at Humble Haven!  Learn a little more about her as you continue reading.  

What is your favorite style of class to teach and why? 

Power yoga. It was the first style of yoga I tried and the physicality and flow of the practice immediately hooked me. It always leaves me feeling rinsed and renewed. I want my students to feel that too. 

What made you want to go beyond just practicing yoga and start teaching? 

Yoga transformed my body in a powerful way after being a swimmer my whole life. I was able to maintain strength but also feel at ease in my body. I became passionate about introducing yoga to athletes and people who have never experienced it. Yoga is such amazing complement to any other form of physical activity. It will help you with what you love, whether it's swimming, cross fit, marathon running, etc. for longer! 

If you had to describe your teaching style in 3 words or less, what would you say? 

Body alignment.

What’s your favorite yoga pose? 

Any variation of pigeon. My hips need the love!

What do you like to do around Richmond? 

Explore new neighborhoods. Right now it's Church Hill. Richmond may be small but each area has its own unique vibe and amazing restaurants are always popping up left and right. I can't keep up!

What’s your favorite food? 

Eggs any style. I love breakfast. 

Tea or Coffee?

I'm a bit of a coffee snob, so definitely coffee. Lately I've also been into bedtime tea.

Favorite quote?

Be humble for you are made of earth, be noble for you are made of stars. - Serbian proverb 

Why are you excited to teach at Humble Haven Yoga? 

I love the energy in the studio and I'm excited to be a part of it.  I feel like Humble Haven is investing roots into the RVA community, and that's one of the most important things for me. I can't wait to see what lies ahead! 

What’s your favorite song to practice to?

I like silence when I practice. It's one of the few times in my day when I get it. 

When can you practice with Mina? 

Fridays at 5:30pm and select Sundays at 4pm