To ignite the celebration of community surrounding FlowFest, we are offering donation based classes the entire week before FlowFest (starting 06/20). All money raised will be donated to LINC, a Richmond based non-profit dedicated to helping cancer patients, survivors, and their families with the business side of cancer. Please join us for any of the donation classes next week in support of this wonderful organization (you are welcome to donate whatever you are able, no maximum or minimum). Below is Keith's story, one example of the tremendous gift that LINC offers. 

 Keith contacted LINC for help with several legal issues in preparation for an upcoming surgery to remove cancer from his left leg. Client Services attorney Cris Gantz drafted his life planning documents and advised him on employment and family law issues to ensure his affairs were in order.

After receiving an update from his doctor about his treatment options, Mr. Chantree made the brave decision to have his leg amputated from the knee down to remove his cancer. Prior to being diagnosed, Keith worked a physically demanding job and needed a special type of prosthetic to return to work which would cost over $30,000 out of pocket.

Keith’s insurance denied coverage of all three parts of his prosthetic telling him that he could use crutches for the rest of his life to achieve mobility. He was distraught and needed some guidance to appeal the decision. He called LINC for help and Cris referred him out to The Virginia Bureau of Insurance who was able to advise him on the process and prepare for his appeal and negotiations with his employer.

Keith completed his appeal and successfully got his insurance plan to cover 100% of the cost. The provider will get reimbursed for the prosthetic and the client saved $30,000; Keith can return to his old job and continue with the same earning potential as before his diagnosis.