Joining Humble Haven in April 2017 to lead the workshop and YTT training course, Basic Anatomy for Yoga Teachers, Amy Walter comes to Richmond for the Northern Virginia / DC area with a wealth of knowledge to share. Read on to learn more about Amy, her background, and why you should take advantage of her being in Richmond April 8 & 9.  

Amy Walter is a vinyasa yoga instructor, a specialist in the muscular system, and a yoga anatomy instructor.  Amy’s passion about how the human body moves is contagious.  Her anatomy workshops for yoga teachers and students are dynamic interactive explorations of how the body moves and works in asana. She teaches with an appreciation for the diversity and individuality of each human body and how, with the proper modification, anyone can practice and benefit from yoga.

Amy has worked as a specialist in the muscular system since 1995. She began as a personal trainer and became a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Specialist in 2003.  MAT addresses joint mobility limitations by improving muscular function via highly specific isometric exercise. Amy has practiced yoga for over 20 years. She was inspired to teach after taking a power yoga podcast from Philip Urso in 2009.  Power vinyasa yoga spoke to her, but the thought of teaching was way outside her comfort zone.  In spite of her fear she followed her intuition and completed a 200-hour registered yoga teacher certification in 2011.  She is now completely certain she has found her calling.

Amy’s extensive training in the muscular system and biomechanics comes from a number of exercise physiologists and physical therapists including Greg Roskopf, Gary Gray, Dr. David Tiberio, and Tom Purvis.  Amy conducted a complete cadaver dissection under the supervision and instruction of Gil Hedley in March of 2015. She is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT 500) and an Experienced-RYT 200. She has completed Level 1 and Level 2 Yoga Bootcamps under Baron Baptiste, yoga anatomy training with Ray Long and multiple advanced teacher trainings with Deborah Williamson, Philip Urso and Stacy Dockins.  She currently teaches in Northern Virginia.

Credentials and Trainings: 

  • RYT 200, 2011
  • ERYT 200, 2013
  • ERYT 500, 2015
  • Cadaver Anatomy 2003, 2004, 2015
  • Baptiste Level 1 Bootcamp, 2010
  • Baptiste Level 2 Bootcamp, 2011
  • Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, 2003-present
  • Resistance Training Specialist Program, 2003
  • Fellow, Gray Institute for Functional Training, 2007

She has studied under Ray Long, MD, Gary Gray, PT, Greg Roskopf, MS, ExSc, Baron Baptiste, Philip Urso, Deb Williamson, Stacy Dockins, Paula Baake, and Tom Purvis, PT