“There's magic in the air at Humble Haven Yoga. Any time of day, any season, any mood you're experiencing - walking through these doors will make you feel centered and at peace. The space is so thoughtfully maintained: ethereal, warm earth colors with splashes of jewel tones, incense wafting through the air. The environment isn't forced either. The staff and instructors are so kind and happy to see new faces and regulars alike. Some yoga studios can feel clique-y or intimidating or like they're trying too hard. Not this place; it's 100% the real deal. Richmond is so lucky to have this studio. “

- Lauren G. (via Yelp)

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  I attended my first class with you all last night and it was exactly what I was looking for.  The atmosphere and the staff were extremely helpful and inviting. I felt like I was welcomed as soon as I walked in the door.  Allison the instructor was great , and as a beginner,  she was very easy to follow which made the class 100% stress free.  I think it can be intimidating for people  to step out side of their comfort zone and do different things, and I wasn't intimidated at all.  Everything was explained perfectly and when I left I felt like had a great work out and my mind and body felt amazing.  I purchased the introductory 30 day package and I am very excited to attend more classes. The studio and environment was awesome and I am looking forward to continuing my practice and learning. Thanks again for all of the help and kind attitudes.  I would definitely recommend you all to anyone who asks me."

- Lawrence M. (via e-mail)

"This is an amazing and loving yoga community that Suzanne has created for you! You will love her and you will LOVE being here!!"

- Mary Jarvis (renowned senior Bikram yoga instructor; via Facebook)

"Favorite yoga place in all of Richmond. Best prices, best classes, and great location. Hardest yoga that I have ever done but not intimidating at all."

- Stella R. (via Yelp)

"I've never really experienced something like humble haven and I am so glad I took the chance to try it. So far, I've been to three different classes with three different instructors and have been blown away each time. 

Whether you are looking to lose weight, practice meditation, or just to get away from your busy life and clean out your mind... you can find it at humble haven. The ambience and atmosphere will help you get through each class- no matter your level of yoga experience."

- Izzy K. (via Yelp)

"I can't wait to get back to Richmond just for the cool lavender towels! Such great classes and teachers. And the perfect dose of energy, love and humility. Just what I needed, THANK YOU humble haven!"

- Mindy J. (via Facebook)

"I really really love this studio. One day I randomly decided I wanted to experience yoga after a very stressful work week. Let's just say that was one of the best random decisions I've made so far in 2017."

- Maranda P. (via Facebook)

I’ve since moved from Richmond to New York, but I just wanted to say I’ve been to 10+ studios here and haven’t been able to find a studio quite like yours. Set the bar real high for me and wish there was a Humble Haven in NYC! 

Isrra K. (via e-mail)