"...It is not possible…to move directly from asana to meditation. This requires jumping from body to mind, forgetting what lies between. To make this transition, the breath and senses, which link the body and mind, first need to be brought under control... With pranayama we control our vital energies and impulses, and with pratyahara we gain mastery over the unruly senses—both prerequisites to successful meditation..."

- excerpt from Yoga International article, "Pratyahara: Forgotten Limb"

Pranayama and Meditation Training is designed for all yoga students looking to explore the subtle yet powerful pieces of yoga that exist within and beyond asana (the physical practice). This training is open to any student of yoga - including active yoga teachers eligible to earn 30 hours of continuing education credits upon completion. The Pranayama and Meditation Training will cover the following items below along with the subtle differences between each. No prior yoga training or experience is required; however we recommend a current yoga practice and some personal exploration of meditation.

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  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) – anatomy of basic breath, yogic breathing techniques, technique benefits, and how to instruct

  • Pratyahara (sense control) – what it means to gain control of the senses and how to practice

  • Dharana (focused concentration) – meditation techniques (yogic and non), how to practice, how to instruct

  • Dhyana (meditative absorption) – learn its purpose, intention, and how it differs from dharana

  • Additional exploration in items connected to these practices such as bandhas, mudras, mantras, subtle energy (chakras and nadis), and vayus (the pranic system)

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Weekend 1: January 18-20, 2019
Weekend 2: January 25-27, 2019

- Friday: 5:30-9
- Saturday: 12-7
- Sunday: 12-3:30

Investment: $500 (10% off if registered by 12/1/2018)