24 Continuing Education Hours in Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Intensive Training is designed to teach active yoga instructors the unique style of Restorative Yoga. During this weekend program, participants will study the methodology of Restorative Yoga and how to utilize yoga postures and props to curate a transformative experience for their students. Participants will learn how to create a nurturing space, sequence a balanced class, and utilize numerous tools to provide a deeply restorative practice. The goal of this training is for teachers to leave with a deep understanding of the subtle body, the balance of energy, and how to craft a practice that is deeply nourishing and experiential for their students. This is a Yoga Alliance registered program and is worth 24 Continuing Education Hours. Participants must have at least a 200-hr yoga certification (RYT-200).

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- In-depth study of a Restorative yoga practice
- In-depth study of restorative/relaxing postures, props, pranayama, and meditation
- How to sequence a Restorative yoga class
- Understanding the difference between Yin, relaxing hatha/vinyasa, and Restorative
- Understanding energy (including anatomy of the nervous system, subtle body)
- Classroom set up and safety
- Handling trauma, emotion, disease, and special populations
- Theming and verbal cueing


January 11-13, 2019

Friday: 5 - 9pm
Saturday: 12pm - 8:30pm
Sunday: 1 - 9pm



Marisa Atula was always intrigued by yoga, but for years was too intimidated to try.  When she found a beginner’s series, she decided to give it a chance. Her curiosity proved worthwhile and she found herself feeling better with every practice, in body and mind. This grew into a deep desire to understand how and why this practice felt so transformative. In early 2013, she enrolled in a 200-hour certification through CorePower Yoga. This certification offered foundational skills needed to teach and the Baptiste Power sequence with which to do so. That training really only scratched the surface and peeked her interest even further. In late 2014, Marisa decided to take a step further and ventured to India for her 300-hour training. She studied under Himalayan Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishvketu at Anand Prakash Ashram. Vishva-ji (as students lovingly call him) spent portions of his childhood at an ashram in the woods of northern India and earned his Ph.D. in Yoga Philosophy - so suffice to say he was able to offer Marisa the depth of knowledge she had been seeking. Vishva-ji’s style is rooted in tradition - where there is no separation between hatha, meditation, kundalini, mantra, restorative, pranayama, and so on. Any and all of these yoga tools can be and traditionally were practiced together to work synergistically. In this 300 hour training, a deep emphasis was placed on the study of energetic bodies and subtleties, from the chakras to the koshas. This emphasis was further inspected in their study of Restorative Yoga where much of the practice focuses on the subtlety of energy and how it translates to the nervous system and physical body. Marisa has taught Restorative Yoga since becoming a 500hr Instructor and loves weaving restorative aspects into other class styles. As a student first, and teacher second, Marisa continually pursues her own self study in all aspects of yoga.