Co-Teaching Series

Co-Teaching Series

Experience your favorite class in a new light with our Co-Teaching Series! A handful of your teachers are teaming up to provide classes mashing up your favorite styles. Hear a new voice, feel the benefits of complementary styles, and practice something new! Starting September 28, class meets Friday from 6:45-8pm (for 5 weeks, ending October 26).

See below for all the mash-ups! Regular drop-in rate ($18/class) and all class packages/memberships apply.

Power Stretch - September 28

Join Andrea Gruber and Suzanne Burns for a Power + Hamstrings, Hips, & Spines mash up. This practice will guide you through the invigorating, full body and full potential power sequence with a focus on postures catered to creating space in hamstrings, hips, and spines. This practice is encouraged for all ages, body types, and physical abilities. Class will be warm, heated to 90 degrees.

Strength + Length - October 5

Get ready to sweat, build & lengthen muscle, with Rachel Knight and Anna Strahs Watts while rocking out to a playlist that will inspire you to keep flowing through this Build/Warm Vinyasa class. We’ll move through a fluid, physical flow and incorporate weights and cardio along the way. You’ll be rewarded at the end of class with an extended stretching session and savasana to leave you feeling renewed. For all levels - options will be provided to challenge and change you (weights or not). Class will be heated between 85 and 90 degrees.

Candlelight Power Vinyasa - October 12

Join Allison Walton and Emma Jeffery for a candlelit class blending the elements of power yoga into a rigorous vinyasa-style flow. Thoughtfully sequenced, with moments of meditation woven in. Foundation in basic power and vinyasa principles encouraged, however all are welcome. Class will be warm, between 85-90 degrees and with music.

Dirty Beats + Balances - October 19

A powerful flow backed by saucy beats... supported by hands-on assists and punctuated by arm balances and inversions. Co-taught by Margo Buchanan and Camille Heller. Room will be hot, set between 95 and 100 degrees.

Power + Yin - October 26

Join Marisa Atula and Mina Vucic for Power + Yin, a fusion of vigorous flow and relaxing stillness. This practice starts with a dynamic power sequence that develops muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility with emphasis on detoxifying twists. It will then transition to a complementary yin practice that targets the body’s connective tissue to develop greater strength and flexibility in the joint systems, particularly in the shoulders and hips. The practice room will be warm, gently heated between 85 and 90 degrees. 

Arm Balances + Inversions with Lindsey Patton

Arm Balances + Inversions with Lindsey Patton

Need a shift in your perspective? What better way than getting upside down?! Join Lindsey for a weekend of arm balances and inversions at Humble Haven Yoga! There will be 2 separate workshops so that all skill levels are welcomed. See below for descriptions of the workshops and poses you can expect to learn.

Saturday, October 20th, 2-4pm
You will learn the fundamentals of arm balances and inversions to help you feel more comfortable taking your practice deeper.

Poses to expect:
- Crow
- Tripod headstand
- Handstand (the wall is your friend!!)
- Shoulderstand
- Vinyasa transitions, such as floating from downward dog to forward fold
- Yogi's choice

Sunday, October 21st, 1-3pm
This workshop will be similar to Saturday, but a deeper dive into the postures and transitions. It is recommended to feel comfortable holding crow pose to gain the most benefits from this workshop.

Poses to expect:
- Side crow series
- Forearm stand
- Handstand
- Vinyasa transitions, such as floating from downward dog to seated
- Yogi’s choice


Single Day: $40 ($35 if you register before 10/1)

Weekend Pass: $60