The Lymph Yoga Workshop is a holistic practice to detox the body and open the lymphatic system through yoga postures, self-massage, and breath work. The lymphatic system runs through the entire body, providing support by flushing toxins. However, the lymphatic system relies on the movement of the body and muscle contractions to move these toxins along. When flowing properly, the lymphatic system represents the first channel for optimum health.

The benefits of a proper lymph flow include the flushing of toxins, reducing fluid retention (internally, in the face, ankles, sinuses, etc), reducing cellulite, removing fatty acids from the digestive system, disease prevention, increasing energy, calming the nervous system, increasing the efficiency of all other systems, and improving the overall immune system.

All are welcome, no experience necessary.                                                                        [created and led by Marisa Atula (yoga instructor and holistic health coach)]

Rate: $35