Humble Haven is teaming up with Ginger Juice to offer a two day juice cleanse on Tuesday, 2/21 - Wednesday, 2/22.  This cleanse will include 6 juices per day and is guided by the Ginger Juice team. Cleansing can help press the reset button on your day-to-day diet.

Ginger Juice will be at Humble Haven offering samples of juice and answering any questions this Sunday, 2/12 before and after the 4pm class, as well as, 2/14 for the evening classes. In the meantime, grab a brochure next time you're at the studio for detailed cleanse instructions if you are curious. 

The cost of the cleanse is $103 +tax and can be picked up on Monday, 2/21. You can sign up online by clicking below. Please mention 'Humble Haven' in the notes.