This experiential anatomy class is designed for yoga teachers who want to review and build their understanding of the musculo-skeletal system in asana.  Build your anatomical vocabulary to assist your further independent study of the body. Learn the major joints’ structure and function and how to target muscles to create specific joint movement in asana.  Understand how to use external forces and resistance to target muscles in asana and other exercise.  Learn and understand the proper asana modifications for progression, injury and skeletal variations.

Led by Amy Walter, this two day anatomy intensive is credentialed to offer 16 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance. Read more about Amy here

Cost: $350

Saturday, 7/20: 12-8pm

  • Teacher Code of Conduct relating to student's body's and injuries

  • Anatomy Vocabulary

  • Lower Body - Hip, Knee, and Ankle - Structure, Function in Asana, and Mods for Injury

  • Trunk & Spine Part 1 - Structure, Role of Autonomic Nervous System, Common Conditions and Injuries, Joint Function in Asana

Sunday, 7/21: 7am-4pm

  • Trunk & Spine Part 2

  • Mechanics of Breath/Organ System

  • Upper Body - Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist - Structure, Function in Asana, and Mods for Injury

  • Effect of External Forces on Joint System

Practice Add-Ons: Amy will be leading an anatomy focused power flow Saturday at 9:30am and Sunday at 4pm. These require separate registration.