This 2 hour workshop covers the basic foundations of Feng Shui and the yoga principles of Saucha (cleanliness) and Bramacharya (use of energy). Join Nitya to explore how our environment directly impacts our ability to find tranquility in daily life. You will find this workshop incredibly informative and inspiring for living a life with less clutter in your mind and your home.

There is no physical asana practice but do dress comfortably. Meditation practice will be included. Bring a notebook for taking notes and a floor plan of your home if you have one.

Cost: $30


About Nitya: Lydia Nitya Griffith has spent over 10 years on a spiritual journey through her faith and devotion to Tibetan Bon Buddhism, Taoism and Yoga. Nitya has been a certified Integral Yoga Teacher since 2005 and her goal in teaching yoga to young and old is how to learn to Live Yoga ~ peaceful of mind, easeful of body, purposeful in our lives with grace, compassion and love for all. Nitya Living incorporates all kinds of holistic approaches for living yoga, for living healthy purposeful lives beyond kid’s yoga. Some of the programs we offer are: after-school enrichment classes, PTA funded mindfulness yoga programs in the classroom, women’s retreats, private classes for adults and children with special needs like anxiety, Asperger’s or behavioral issues, kid’s yoga camp in spring and summer, teen self-inquiry workshops, teacher trainings, and also Feng Shui consultations and Chinese Astrology Readings.