Join Marisa Atula of Humble Haven and Mackenzie Kroger of Unwind Bodyworks for an evening of detox and relaxation by combining the healing elements of a steamed Thai herbal blend, gentle heat, and restorative yoga postures. Participants will rotate between a tent filled with a steaming herbal blend designed to relax connective tissues and remove toxins from the body and their yoga mat for supported, restorative yoga postures. This combination of subtle movement and meditation will be practiced in silence to minimize verbal distractions on top of minimized visual distractions. An additional detox oil blend (composed of mustard, castor, sesame, and coconut oils) will be available for you to apply upon request - so wear clothing you don't mind getting sweating or messy. It is recommended to dress in layers - allowing for as much skin exposure as possible in the tent (though no nudity, please!) and complete comfort and warmth in the restorative postures.

Price: $40 *members receive 20% off*

Attendance yields 20% off of any massage service with Mackenzie.