Hot Power: 

A challenging and vigorous vinyasa flow marrying tension and release for both body and mind. This class will encourage practitioners to flirt with their own personal edge, physically and mentally to attune to the present. While still matching breath with movement, the Power Vinyasa practice encourages longer holds to slowly open the body posture by posture.  Practiced to music and without, check schedule for specific dates and times. Room heated 95-100 degrees. 

Hot Power 2: 

The same challenging flow as our Hot Power class, just stepped up a notch.  This class will guide students with a challenging practice focusing on building strength and flexibility for the entire body while also offering amplified expressions of postures along the way. Practiced to music and without. Recommended for intermediate practitioners. Room heated 95-100 degrees. 

Warm Vinyasa: 

A fluid, physical flow synchronizing breath and movement.  All classes intelligently and uniquely sequenced based on teacher.  Practiced to music. Room heated 85-90 degrees. 

Warm Vinyasa 2:

Vinyasa yoga is an exploration of movement through the synchronization of breath. In this Vinyasa 2 class, you will be guided through a deepened offering of fundamental movements with a focus on exploring more intermediate asanas including binds, twists, arm balances, and inversions. Open to everyone and a great opportunity for students looking to deepen their asana practice. Room heated 85-90 degrees.

Pure Energy: 

This class is designed to work the entire body through a focus on back bending, inversions, hip and hamstring stretching, and breath. Move through a spiritual and physical practice over a 60 minute period.  Room is unheated.

Yoga Build: 

Combining hot power yoga, free weights, and cardio.  This class is set to upbeat music for a fun, fast paced, workout ending in total body zen.  Room heated to 85-90 degrees. 


One solid hour to de-stress and practice self-care.  Restorative is an extremely relaxed practice with all postures supported on the floor and held for extended periods of time. This class is unheated. 


A fusion of active flow and relaxing stillness.  This practice starts with a dynamic flow that tapers off into a semi-restorative practice. Build heat, burn energy, deeply stretch, and relax your mind. Room is unheated.


For the expecting mother and those desiring to be mothers, this practice is a wonderful way to nurture your body - both to prepare to conceive or prepare for labor. These unique classes are specifically sequenced to offer a safe and effective practice designed to both strengthen and relax the body. Within this class, you will find a safe, supportive community for mothers to share in this experience together.